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The art fair is a satellite event that takes place alongside the Armory Arts week putting a spotlight on leading international showcases of new contemporary art and multidisciplinary creative programming. 80 galleries from 22 countries are showcasing paintings, sculptures and experiential work. The art show is appreciated for presenting the most innovative artists, curators and galleries. It enables interaction with art professionals with a steady stream culturally relevant public audience.

“We’re really about finding emerging artists and our thing has always been staying true to that,” Scope’s president, Alexis Hubshman, said.

RYB vision caught up with NYC artist Joseph Grazi, who posed with his piece called “Fear The Deep.” Grazi has exhibited work at Art(Amalgamated) in Chelsea, co-curated the show “Survival” at Lambert Fine Arts on the Lower East Side, and revels in his role as a cultural ambassador for a cross section of up and coming artists and NY’s rock and rollers.  Joseph displayed his laters works with ArtNowNY who held the pole position at Scopes front entryway.

After wowing Miami with an oversized Peter Gronquist installation, ArtNowNY gallery has curated another exciting booth, featuring Gronquist’s iconic sculptures that fuse taxidermy, shiny weaponry, human skulls, and even chandeliers. An actual roll down door painted by Banksy’s during his recent New York residency will be shown alongside what some may call Grazi’s tip of a hat to contemporary art demigod Damian Hirst’s legendary shark sculpture and dot paintings.


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