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Editorial with Nancy Gomez for Valentine-NYC | West Hollywood, CA

Nancy Gomez

Artist/Photographer | Frankie Mark | West Hollywood, CA | Listening to Frank Ocean

Here is a link to Valentine-NYC

Nancy Gomez could quite possibly be two people in one.  She is one part hot model with NEXT Agency, the other part Artist/Photographer working under the name Frankie Mark. Working both sides of the camera gives her work on either side a tremendous advantage. Knowing how to visualize a shot from the photographer’s perspective enables her to use light and lens to the fullest while posing on the other side of the lens she knows how to make herself look the best for the camera and a given lens.

Our lovely photographer Yuliia Barbashova also began her career as a model and now enjoys working both sides of the lens. Together the two artists creating an eye-catching spread for Valentine–NYC.

“ I had a good time great working with Nancy. That day she was really into pink and had several looks in mind. The pink background, the strawberries… and hart shape nipple stickers.  She was very open and easy going and we had a good time collaborating.”

The proof is in the pictures.



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