High on a hill overlooking the sparkling blue Pacific, Shannon Ramey and Ahyan exchanged wedding vows as their son Effie proudly looked on. Friends and Family from all over the World gathered on the manicured green lawn of the Resort at Pelican Hill Resort, in Newport Beach. There underneath the glistening crystal chandelier, flowing white curtains, and stunning white rose floral arrangements the newlyweds proclaimed their love.

Behind the Scenes | RYB Vision photography/video team at work | Wedding of Ayhan & Shannon in New Port Beach, California

Behind the scenes | RYB Vision photo/video team | Wedding of Ayhan & Shannon in New Port Beach, California

The RYB Vision goal was to create a warm, intimate storybook for the couple that reflected the classic elegance of the event. The Bride’s 1920’s gown, hair, and jewelry set the look. Our photographers team would blend traditional photographic portraiture with modern lifestyle photography to capture the full range of emotion depth and glamour. For warmth and intimacy Yuliia Barbashova would shoot the classic bridal beauty portraits in black & white 35mm film for a softer lush cinema fleeing. Richard Oshen would document the ceremony and capture behind the scenes lifestyle digitally for that crisp photojournalism look.

Wedding photographer Yuliia Barbashova takes 35mm black and white film portrait of the bride

Behind the scenes | Yuliia Barbashova taking portrait | Wedding of Ayhan & Shannon, New Port Beach

“Wedding photography is still all about being in the right place at the right time to catch the little moments—a subtle glance, a wink, a tear—or Effie suddenly tossing rose petals in the air.”

– Yuliia Barbashova, founder & creative director at RYB Vision

The result is an intimate wedding photo story.

Wedding Photography by Richard Oshen & Yuliia Barbashova, RYB Vision, Los Angeles, California

Wedding of Ayhan & Shannon in New Port Beach, California | Photos by Yuliia Barbashova & Richard Oshen, RYB Vision

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